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At AR-Technology, we believe that every airline or MRO, shall have access to business intelligence and data scientist techniques in order to get the maximum value of its operation and maintenance data.

This is the reason why we developed ART-Dashboard. ART-Dashboard is an easy to use Excel Add-in to create automatise data analysis and dashboard creation.


With ART-Dashboard, you will be able to produce your monthly, quarterly, yearly reliability reports in few minutes and transform data into actions.

You will be able to:

  • Manage your monthly data
  • Analyse it using text mining algorithm
  • Create and customise your own reports


We know that every organisation has its own specificity. Even if ART-Dashboard includes all standard reliability metrics, it is fully customized in order to suits your business processes.

In addition, we can offer a full range of consulting services in order to run a state of the art Reliability control program.



  • * Through a partnership with reliability expert consultants in Europe (Spain, Uk)
  • ** Includes software customisation activities
  • *** VAT not included, price depends on fleet size


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