What are your benefits?

Focus on what matters.

The reliability engineer has to produce reliability dashboard on a regular basis. It often leads to long and complex Excel pivot table manipulations. It becomes even more complex and time consuming when unexpected queries have to be answered.

Our objective developing ART-Dashboard was to free the engineer of data processing task and to let him focus on its engineering activities.
In addition, the text mining module will helps the reliability engineer to automatise the root cause analysis of events.

The main benefits are:

  • Get faster answers to your business questions
  • Get key reliability metrics reports when and where you need them
  • Get insight into your fleet behavior
  • Identify fleet improvement opportunities
  • Measure improvement of embodied aircraft modification
  • Learn how to streamline operations
  • See where your performance was,  what it is now and where it is going
  • Improve efficiency

As a  consequence, you will save money directly by improving efficiency, and reducing the cost of delay and cancellations.


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