Create your fleet reliability reports in few minutes

When creating your fleet reliability monthly reports, you will have to deal with data coming from different sources:

  • Flight operation information system for the actual flights performed
  • Maintenance information system for pilot/maintenance reports, component removal data
  • Delay & Cancellation tracking system


Managing those data and creating aircraft reliability report is mostly a manual work done by the reliability engineer. It means working with Excel pivot tables, complex formulas, VBA macros. It rapidly becomes complex with risk of errors.


ART developed a solution supporting you efficiently during your reports creation by:

  • Aggregate and manage monthly data in a single place
  • Manage master data needed to manage your fleet reliability
  • Create and reuse reports tailored for your company


Using this solution, you will be able to reduce the lead time to provide your reports. You will focus on reliability engineering activities providing value to your company.



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