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Evaluate the benefits you could get

I recently found an interesting article discussing the optimisation of the reliability control program for small fleets. This article can be found here This paper highlights: the need to artificially increase the fleet size to proper select the different alert levels   We fully agree with these conclusions. ART-Dashboard offers […]

Reliability Control Program for Small Fleets

Implementation of an effective reliability control program always starts with knowing the basic. For that, there is plenty of training available on the market.   At the end of the training, you will know the goal you would like to reach. But what the training won’t tell you is how […]

How to set up an effective reliability control program?

AR.Technology just entered into partnership with Aircraft Reliability experts to provide a complete solution offer. This ‘A la Carte’ service offer is divided into three streams (starter, power, premium) and the provided services are: Training ART-Dashboard Software deployment Coaching Full externalisation of reliability reports creation. This services offer targets first […]

Partnership for reliability engineering services

When creating your fleet reliability monthly reports, you will have to deal with data coming from different sources: Flight operation information system for the actual flights performed Maintenance information system for pilot/maintenance reports, component removal data Delay & Cancellation tracking system   Managing those data and creating aircraft reliability report […]

Create your fleet reliability reports in few minutes